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Peter McConnell

– May 2023 Making an earworm: the hidden magic of video game music WhyNow Gaming

– Jan 2022 Game Grooves interview

 Dec 2021 Scala Radio names Psychonauts 2 the Top Game Soundtrack of 2021

 Dec 2021 Alternative Magazine interview

– Dec 2021 Interview in Film Music Central

– Nov 2021 Interview in Game Informer

– Sep 2021 Peter McConnell takes us through the process of composing the mental worlds of ‘Psychonauts 2’ NME 

– Aug 2021 Peter McConnell Brought The World(S) Of Psychonauts 2 To Life, Just As He Did The First Time Around SPIN Magazine

– Aug 2017 Five award-winning composers discuss their approaches to writing immersive music for virtual reality games in the latest issue of Sound & Picture Magazine

– Feb 2014 Inside the Twenty-Year Collaboration that Brought Us Psychonauts, Full Throttle and Broken Age Kill Screen

“Truly phenomenal music” – Newsweek

“The soundtrack is a stunner” – Polygon

“A super score from legend Peter McConnell” – NME

“Top-notch music” – IGN

“Absolutely love the music!” – About.com

“Composer Peter McConnell does incredible work” – PC Gamer

“Best music in a game ever!” – Gamespot

“Truly music to my ears, as expected from Peter McConnell” – Tech Raptor

“Music wizard Peter McConnell’s mastery of the genres is complete” – Music4Games

“The most diverse and best game soundtrack in ages” – Game Informer